What is a Unit Trust?

A unit trust is a collective investment scheme, which pools contributions from investors with a common investment objective. The pooled funds are then used to purchase a portfolio of financial securities. Depending on the objective of the unit trust, the type of securities to be bought can comprise of: equities (shares), bonds, cash, bank deposits etc. The unit trust portfolio is managed by a professional fund manager, while the assets are held by a bank acting as a custodian.
What's in it for you?

Unit trusts have become increasingly popular because they provide cost-effective access to both the fixed income market and the stock market. An investor is able to diversify risk and tap into some investments that he/she would rather have been unable to access through the expertise of a professional fund manager. There are three types of Unit Trust under the UAP Unit Trust Funds and these are the funds you can invest in: UAP Money Market Fund, UAP Balanced Fund and UAP Umbrella Trust Fund.

How does it work?

The client deposits money into the custody account, thereby creating a pool of cash-for-investment (the fund). The objective of the funds is to obtain a high level of current income while protecting the investor’s capital and to achieve a reasonable level of current income and offer investors a long term capital gain and preservation. There are three types of Unit Trust under the UAP OM Unit Trust Funds and these are: