What is Serenicare?

Serenicare provides benefits like dental, optical, outpatient, and inpatient services. The policy covers overseas referral treatment to India, South Africa as well as Nairobi- Kenya. It covers pre-existing chronic conditions including HIV/AIDS, diabetes, high blood pressure, oncology and cancer treatment, maternity as well as road and air evacuation within Uganda. This product is suitable for individuals, families, and staff under companies with less than 10 staff members.
What's in it for you?
  • You get East African regional coverage, an emergency toll-free line, air and road evacuation within Uganda,
  • High benefit coverage limits, coverage for all individuals whether 1 member or more family members,
  • You receive discounts for spouses and children,
  • Get peace of mind for families whose caretakers stay away from them,
  • Dental and optical cover is given immediately and accidental cover is given immediately.
How I do apply?
  • Client to provide ages for all individuals under the family to be covered, specifying child/ spouse,
  • In order to generate a UAP quotation, complete an application form, provide a copy of ID with a clear date of birth and make upfront payment for processing to commence.